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FIFA 2009Although FIFA 09 offers a lot of new features, the game is still full of existing content from previous games. There are lots of offline game types, such as the Manager mode, which concerns you with transfers and training, and the Lounge mode, which lets you and your friends mess around to create scenarios and challenges.

Then there are the online modes, which are comprehensive to say the least. The Interactive League lets you represent your favourite club online against supporters of other teams, with overall rankings tracking each team’s progress around the world.

There’s also a new FIFA 09 Clubs mode where you create your own team and try to recruit your friends to play alongside you. In addition to the standard ranked and unranked games, you can join lobbies to chat with other people before taking games at your leisure, or you can create custom leagues for up to 31 other players to play against. The only sore point is the slowdown that permeates some games, especially since quitting out of a particularly laggy match results in your conceding it.

LCD Display recommended for 240 x 320 pixel , fullscreen display.

File size for FIFA 2009  jar is  750 kiloBytes

Download with GPRS connection is about 110 seconds

Save the file : FIFA 2009 . jar  to your phone memory , or download it to your computer then upload to phone memory. Finally, INSTALL the file via Memory Manager on your mobile phone.

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